RYDEEN Ships High Tech 360 Mirror

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RYDEEN Mobile Electronics is shipping a 360 degree rear view mirror replacement called the TOMBO 360 DVR Mirror.

It displays 4K High Definition video and it records digital video both inside and around the car  simultaneously.

A single 360-degree camera streams and records video from all sides of the car.  Users can then choose to display the front of the car, sides of the car and the rear seat, for monitoring passengers.

Swipe along the mirror and the picture moves along the 360 degree image to choose the perspective you want to see. The mirror can be set to split screen views of multiple angles.

“What makes this product so unique is that the TOMBO 360 can show a 360-degree view simultaneously on all multiple view selections for complete viewing coverage,” said RYDEEN Founder and CEO Phil Maeda.

The frameless mirror has a 10 -inch wide HD screen that can strap over the existing mirror, or replace the mirror with an optional kit.

Unlike other 360-degree cameras that present a rounded, “fish-eye,” distorted image, the TOMBO 360 uses internal processing to flatten the image and present a bright, clear, realistic view, said RYDEEN.

The mirror can also work with an HD video quality backup camera for a 2-channel HD recording feature. It can stream video from behind the car and automatically switch to a backup camera when the car is in reverse (with an optional ProKit 1).

The optional kit includes a proximity sensor so that if your car is damaged while parked, you can view footage that shows both inside the car and its surroundings.

In the future, RYDEEN will add 4G/5G capability to the USB-C port, so that the mirror becomes a “virtual technology hub” for any car, including older vehicles.  With the optional wireless 4G/5G connection, parents can check on teen drivers in real time.

The unit uses a Sony Hi-Res CMOS (STARVIS) sensor with advanced HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology.

Users can also add one of RYDEEN’s Blind Spot Radar Safety products with internal LED indicators.

Retail pricing for the TOMBO 360 is $399.00 and the upgrade ProKit 1 package is $199.00.




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