LinksWell Tightens Distribution on Newest Radios

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Linkswell Gen V Radios

LinksWell Automotive announced its newest Generation V, T-Style, large screen radios will offer select distribution.

The company is enforcing new dealer agreements that prohibit the new GEN V radios from being sold by internet discounters such as Amazon or eBay.  Brick and mortar dealers, however, will be able to sell the radios from their websites.

The new GEN V radios offer a few specialized features. LinksWell includes a Bluetooth system that enables the radios to control the car’s lights, windows and other accessories.  It works with triggers from Advanced Accessory Concepts.  Users can download an app directly to the radio as well as to their phone. So a Jeep owner, for example, can roll up his windows and turn the lights off from the radio, instead of mounting additional switches to the dash.

GEN V radios can also answer a Ring doorbell from the radio screen.  Users with the Ring Security System can unlock the front door from the radio and view who is at the door.

The new radios also work with Race Sport lights to change color via the radio controls.

The first GEN V large screened radios, all with 12.1-inch screens, will be compatible with the Ford Ranger, Toyota Tacoma and F series pickups.  Shipping is expected early in 2022.

LinksWell is also offering a new GEN V radio specifically for the Ford F series that adds traditional knobs. “We found that there are a number of customers that love knobs and would rather touch and push buttons.  It has the same 12.1 inch screen as other T-Style Ford F150 also fits the 2017 and up F250 and F350  Super duty trucks,” said General Manager, Walt Detlefsen.   The new radio comes with volume and tuning knobs and buttons for climate control.

Another new feature of the Gen V radios is SPDIF connections.

The radios work with CarPlay and Android Auto through a third party app.

A universal version of the GEN V radios may be available in February/March.




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