NAV-TV Intros Wireless Qi Charger

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NAV-TV Qi Wireless Charger for Car

Press Release: Coral Springs, FL–NAV-TV Corp. announced a universal Wireless Charger Pro automotive grade phone charging system.


The Wireless Charger Pro is an automotive-grade charging device for phones and other Qi-compatible devices. Utilizing a triple-coil design, it allows for greater flexibility in positioning the phone without needing to find that “sweet spot.”  A built-in audible alert will let the customer know when their phone has been detected and charging has begun, so they don’t need to look at the phone’s screen to know that it’s working.


The device will charge through up to 3mm of plastic or rubber, and can be mounted out of sight (under existing trim or a pad.)  The unit has passed rigorous OEM tests, and a version of it is currently in use by a luxury automobile manufacturer.

It is designed to work off a 12v power feed, so it doesn’t require any sort of adapter or power supply.

The Wireless Charger Pro is available and shipping now at an extremely attractive price.  For more information on the Wireless Charger Pro contact (866) 477-3336  (USA and Canada toll free) or +1(561) 955-9770 (International), or  [email protected].


About NAV-TV

NAV-TV Corp is a solely owned and privately held corporation based in Coral Springs, FL, USA. Established in 1999, NAV-TV is a prime manufacturer, distributor and contract manufacturer of OEM and Aftermarket integration and electronic components. Additional information about NAV-TV is available at or by emailing [email protected]

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