JL Intros MAX and Tun4

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JL Audio MAX and TuN4

JL Audio announced a new professional grade, dual FFT measurement device called the “MAX” that works with five included microphones.

It may be used with other digital signal processor (DSPs) from other suppliers.  And it works with new tuning software called TuN4.

The $3500 device “Is no toy,” said JL Audio, which added, “It’s like working with a $30K analyzer,” in a Facebook Live presentation Thursday.

JL Audio MAX

MAX lets you compare a reference signal and measurement signal on a single screen, “completely overlaid with real time measurements right in front of you,” said Manville Smith.  Users see measurements in time alignment, phase, magnitude and energy time curves.

JL Audio demonstrated the system in a Cadillac, stating that a 4-way system can be tuned in an hour.

JL VXi and MVi DSP can integrate with MAX.

Pre-orders on the MAX will be accepted in November with shipping in December.

JL Audio said the new MAX and TuN4 were three years in the making.

What can you do with MAX?

  • Test, troubleshoot and analyze any audio system with full detail on the three dimensions of audio: level, frequency and time… all in real time.
  • Streamline the tuning of car audio DSP products in real-world shop environments. Simply connect the hardware, place the microphone array, launch TüN software and go!
  • Quickly test room modes for home audio and home theater subwoofer placements, and accurately adjust crossover and phase controls for a seamless transition to the subwoofer.
  • Evaluate individual or multiple audio zones in a marine installation for frequency response and level.
  • Get the best measurements possible with 5-microphone averaging. MAX multiplexes up to five included microphones to conduct single FFT measurements of level and frequency response (RTA and spectrograph).
  • Conduct Dual FFT measurements of up to five simultaneous transfer functions with precise displays of magnitude (frequency response), phase, impulse response (delay) and coherence (noise immunity).
  • Each transfer function captures all the audio data for real-time or comparative analysis.
  • Built-in Test Signal Generator (pink and white noise, sine waves, square waves, etc.), plus WAV file playback capability.

The new free TuN4 software can be used without the MAX for more basic measurements with a simple USB mic and a computer.  When you add the MAX, you unlock the dual FFT features letting you compare signals in real time.

See the MAX and TuN4 Facebook Live presentation here.

Photo: Steve Turrisi of JL Audio demonstrates the MAX

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