Apple May Expand CarPlay

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Apple is working on technology that would expand CarPlay deeper into car functions, reports Bloomberg.

The iPhone maker is in the early stages of developing technology to allow CarPlay to control such functions as climate, speedometer, and seats as well as more radio functions, said Bloomberg.

Specifically, the new CarPlay ability (code named IronHeart) would control radio adjustments for speakers, tweeters and subwoofers, EQ settings and fade and balance.

It would also control armrests and seats, fuel instrument clusters, HVAC and more.

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman said this represents Apple’s biggest push into the car in seven years (when CarPlay was first introduced).

CarPlay has become “a must have for many new car buyers” he noted.

The new “IronHeart” features would allow users to remain in CarPlay while controlling car functions, making CarPlay a more important operating system in the car.  The catch is that car makers may not want to support it for that very reason and the system would require support by each car maker.

“Apple could turn CarPlay into an interface that could span nearly the entire car,” said Bloomberg.  It would also give Apple or third parties more access to data that would let them add even more features to existing car functions.

Bloomberg says that Apple hasn’t had much success in convincing car makers to support its CarKey function that lets users unlock a vehicle from an iPhone or Apple Watch. BMW and Volkswagen are among the few car makers to support CarKey. By contrast, CarPlay is now available on over 600 car models.

And so Apple could ultimately delay or even kill IronHeart if its doesn’t get cooperation from the car companies.

See the full Bloomberg story here.

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