SounDigital’s HKI Soft Launches Integration

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HKI Enters OEM Integration

HKI, which sells the SounDigital, Ground Zero and Four Connect brands, is entering the OEM integration market and is currently conducting a soft launch of integration products expected to run through the fourth quarter.

OEM integration will be sold under a new division led by former retailer Marty Deane of Soundz Plus near Chicago.

Deane will bring his 30 years’ experience in retail to help oversee the division.  “His retail and installation knowledge will be a huge advantage as we grow into our second phase of our US operations,” said Diogo Ianaconi, CEO of HKI USA.

The integration products will be sold initially through car audio expeditors, and then broaden to brick and mortar retailers, Deane said.

A general launch is expected early next year.

US test markets in HKI integration are currently underway, said HKI’s Tommy Spears.

Deane owned Soundz Plus for the past 25 years, but sold the shop to an employee of a local retailer in August.  He said he was ready for something new.

Four years ago, furthering the shop’s move to the high end, Soundz Plus moved into a luxury “auto mall” that offers “car condos” or upscale garages and other automotive services for car collectors and enthusiasts.

Deane may be contacted at [email protected].

Photo: Marty Deane


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