Here’s the DIY Share of Car Audio

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DIY Share of Car Audio

What’s the share of the do-it-yourself (self-installed) market in car audio?  The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) has provided research on the topic as well as other facts on aftermarket categories for 2020.

In “Sound Systems and Audio Accessories,” 58 percent of the market is DIY, SEMA found.  That figure goes down to 45 percent for “Alarms and Security Products.”  The category of “Navigation Systems” has a DIY share of 43 percent and “Mobile TV and Video Cameras” has a 55 percent DIY share.

The DIY share is only 39 percent for “Driver Assist Systems.”

One of the highest DIY categories was “Interior Lights” with a 63 percent DIY share.

“Truck Bed Liners” has a 63 percent DIY share.

SEMA also determined the market share of various types of stores.  Within the brick and mortar segment for Sound Systems the largest store sector was Specialty Retailers/Installers with 11 percent.  Vehicle Dealerships had an 8 percent share, while General Retail Chains and Auto Parts Chains each had a 7 percent share.

Most car audio sales are intended for pickup trucks (26 percent), followed by CUVs (18 percent), mid-range cars (16 percent), SUVs (13 percent), small cars (10 percent) and upscale cars (8 percent).

Download the 2021 SEMA Market Report for more information.

Photo: Crutchfield

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