Old Familiar Brand Jumps in Car Radio Market

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Accele to offer car radios

Accele will enter the car radio market in August with two unique radios in response to the shortages from traditional radio suppliers.

It plans to offer two double DIN radios, with included cameras. The decks have the ability to monitor the area around a stationary car and record footage if your car is dinged or hit while parked.  Users can then play back the footage on the car radio.

The new models, DIN 700 and DIN 800, are Android 10 based. They offer phone mirroring and they link into the OBD2 port of the car to display features such as tachometer and temperature.  These can be viewed in a split screen with other functions such as media or GPS.

The decks may fall in the price range of about $495 to $695.  They offer approximate 7-inch capacitive screens and access to the Google Play store.

Accele President Allen Arzoumanian noted that the shortages provided an opportunity for Accele to enter the head unit market. “We’ve been around for so long, we have very good connections,” he said, explaining that Accele was able to secure parts and manufacturing.

The radios will be sold under select distribution to dealers with strict adherence to minimum advertised price policies “to protect dealers and give dealers the opportunity to make good money on a very unique type of radio,” Arzoumanian added.


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