CarPlay Radio Prices Rise on Ebay, Amazon

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Car Radio Prices Rise on ebay, Amazon

Consumers can expect to pay more online for some of the more popular aftermarket CarPlay/Android Auto decks, due to short supply.

Some decks are selling well above the minimum advertised price (MAP) if shoppers are lucky enough to find them at all.

A Pioneer MVH-1400NEX was sold out on Crutchfield and Amazon late last week but was available on ebay for about $150 over MAP.  It was listed at $595 to $629 on ebay, while every day MAP is $350.

An Alpine iLX-W650, one of the most popular decks last year, typically priced at $299 was sold out at many car audio retailers last week, but could be found on ebay Monday for $369 to $419. Looking at recent completed ebay listings, the deck sold for $449 on the site on April 16.

In a wild price swing, a Pioneer DMH-2660NEX, typically at $350 MAP was on ebay for $1,445!

Watching popular deck inventories on Amazon and Best Buy is like watching a game of whack-a-mole.  A model might appear on Amazon, but when you click on the entry, it’s only available as a “wish list” item.  Or an item may appear one day and be gone the next.  Many radios are listed as low in stock or refurbished.

Amazon is also selling radios above MAP.  A Pioneer DMH-1550NEX receiver that typically sells at $299 was on Amazon Monday at $545. It was sold out at Best Buy, Walmart and Crutchfield. Also an Alpine iLX-W650 was on Amazon last week at $419 instead of the usual $299.

On Friday, Crutchfield was out of 13 of 16 Kenwood CarPlay decks, 10 of 15 Alpine CarPlay decks, and 12 of 14 Pioneer CarPlay decks. Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart also show many out of stock or low stock entries in popular brands on CarPlay and Android Auto decks.




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