Fortin Intros First No-Lost-Key Remote Start for These Cars

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Fortin EVO ONE

Fortin introduced late last month what it calls the first remote start solution for Mazda 3 that does not require the owner sacrifice a car key for the install.

The flash solution for the Fortin all in one EVO-ONE  includes a T-harness that works with the Mazda 3 and CX-30 model years 2019 and up.

It also provides car “take over.” With many remote starts, when you open the door the car stops running.  With the new Fortin THAR-ONE-MAZ5, the car continues running when you open the car door.

The T harness works with any of the Fortin 4 or 9 Series remote transmitters. It allows 3X lock press on the factory transmitter and it can also work with a smartphone app.

Retail price is $99 for the T-harness and $179.99 suggested retail price for the EVO-ONE.

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