Linkswell Holds In-Car Training Sessions at KnowledgeFest Live

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Press Release: The challenge for Linkswell Automotive, Inc.’s product training is that the most critical part of its radio installations is the actual setup of the product, which can’t be demonstrated on a bench. It has to be done in the vehicle.

So for KnowledgeFest Live (as well as SEMA360 before it) Linkswell invested tens of thousands of dollars in camera equipment to set up a booth in its factory to stream live installs.  The streams will be available for most of KnowledgeFest.

Linkswell will hold 2-3 live install training sessions during the show:

Friday, December 11, 6:00 PM Eastern Time –Install of one of our New 12.1” RAM T-Style Radios.

Saturday, December 12, 6:00 PM Eastern Time–Install one of our IQ 9” Flat Screens and our 10” Motorized Units in a Jeep JL. We will also install, on that same vehicle, one of our New Jeep JL 12.1” T-Style Radios.

Sunday, December 13 –We  are hoping to show our new 12.1” Mustang T-Style radios along with a new product we are looking at offering: a Passenger Information Screen.  In some newer cars, the Passenger Information Screen allows the passenger to see an array of information. It also serves as an infotainment screen.

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