Brandmotion Joins Battle Against COVID-19

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Brandmotion Solutions

Press Release (UNEDITED): As COVID-19 cases rise dramatically in Michigan, Brandmotion has been selected by Automation Alley to supply much needed PPE to frontline healthcare workers.

The award-winning aftermarket auto parts manufacturer has made waves with its innovative safety equipment. Now, thanks to Automation Alley’s Project DIAMOnD, Brandmotion will be joining a distributed manufacturing network to help ensure healthcare workers have the equipment they need to safely fight the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to be part of a network of organizations that will bring new innovations to life, and to help in the effort to support frontline workers. Saving lives is in our DNA, and we’re glad to be extending that toward supporting healthcare workers,” said Brandmotion President and COO, Lucas Frank.

Project DIAMOnD (Distributed, Independent, Agile, Manufacturing On-Demand) addresses the urgent need to move companies into the digital manufacturing age of Industry 4.0 as fast as possible. The goal of this effort is to improve Southeast Michigan’s manufacturing agility and response to future disruptions like COVID-19.

Manufacturers accepted into the program receive industry 4.0 equipment: a production part capable 3D printer valued at more than $20,000. This 3D printer is capable of printing carbon fiber, Kevlar®, and fiberglass production parts.

The program has two phases. Phase 1 harnesses manufacturing companies to print PPE for frontline workers. Phase 2 creates an online marketplace. Companies that have 3D printers will be able to accept jobs from organizations that don’t have printing capabilities themselves. By providing printing services for innovative companies, Brandmotion will be playing a vital role in accelerating innovative technologies in Michigan.

Automation Alley’s Project DIAMOnD, made possible by Oakland and Macomb counties through the federal CARES Act.

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