SoundShield Intros New Sound Deadening Products

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Soundshield Intros New Sound Deadening

Press Release: ANCHORAGE, AK— SoundShield, the sound deadening brand launched in 2019 by 12 volt industry veterans John Schwartz and Bryan Schmitt, released two exciting new products in late September; SoundShield SLIM and WrapiT.


SLIM is a new damping sheet material that’s 1/3 of the thickness of the original SoundShield sheet material. At just 1.5mm thick, SLIM is intended to install in locations where tight-fitting panel surfaces leave little extra room for a traditional damping sheet. Using SoundShield’s revolutionary pressure sensitive high-tac adhesive, the butyl rubber sheets install easily and effectively damp vibration and external noise. It’s available in a single 11 square foot tube suitable for retail presentation that includes two 20”(H) x 39.5”(W) sheets, or as a four tube Pro Pack.


WrapiT is a vibration suppression tape intended for items that are prone to rattle, buzz or otherwise create vibration-oriented noises. Made from SoundShield’s 3mm thick, 2” wide waterproof closed-cell acoustic foam with pressure sensitive high-tac adhesive, WrapiT is easily dispensed from the 15 foot roll. Technicians can quickly and effectively mitigate unwanted vibrations in things like OEM wiring harnesses, passive crossover enclosures or the back of plastic OEM panels that have direct contact against a metal surface.

“A technician could use WrapiT as a gasket for a component speaker sealing into a custom plastic adapter plate or a subwoofer sealing to the enclosure baffle surface. The useful applications in the 12 volt install bay are virtually unlimited,” said SoundShield co-founder and CEO John Schwartz. WrapiT comes either in a two roll pack (each 15 linear feet x 2” width) or a 12 roll Pro Pack.


Schwartz and co-founder Bryan Schmitt created the new products based on feedback from technicians on their original SoundShield damping sheets.  “We are fortunate to have a very loyal and talented base of shops and technicians that use our products, so we listened to the market needs and responded with SLIM and WrapiT,” noted Schmitt.

To learn more about pricing and sales information on SLIM and WrapiT, request a dealer application from


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