Ring Intros Security Dashcam for Car

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Amazon Ring Video For Cars

Amazon announced three connected car camera/security devices for the car under the Ring brand, essentially creating a line of Ring Video Doorbells for the car.

Due next year, is the basic Car Alarm, the step up Car Cam and Car Connect.

The Car Alarm plugs into the OBD2 port and sends an alert to your phone if there’s a break-in, or if your car is being towed or if it is hit. It also includes a siren that you can trigger remotely and it can be linked to other Ring or Alexa products so you get an alert through those devices.

The Car Alarm is connected via a new advanced WiFi mesh network due later this year from Amazon called Sidewalk, that provides neighborhood-wide area coverage. See more here.  The Car Alarm is expected to carry a price of $60.

The step up $200 Ring Car Cam is a 4G or WiFi dashcam with front facing and cabin facing cameras. It records even when the car is parked both inside and outside the car and sends alerts in the case of a break-in, accident, towing, etc. If you are in a car accident it alerts first responders automatically.  And a feature called “Traffic Stop” lets you ask Alexa to start recording in the event you are pulled over by law enforcement.

Lastly, is the Car Connect, an OEM platform for car makers that integrates with an existing back up camera in the car to allow users to record and view video footage and to view if the car is locked or not.  The first car maker to offer it will be Tesla, and Ring is working with many other auto makers as well, it said.

By the way, Ring also introduced an in-home drone that literally flies around inside the house, allowing users to check on their home’s interior when they are away.  See more at The Verge.

Source: The VergeTechHive, Engadget

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