Hybrid Audio: Stock Available; New Unity Subwoofers

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Hybrid Audio Mirus V

Press Release: Hybrid Audio Technologies, maker of quality car audio from affordable to top end, announced it has stock available, even in hard-to-find entry-level 6.5-inch coaxial car audio speakers. 


“We often get lumped into the ‘super high-end’ niche category of untouchable products not meant for the everyday consumer,” said Hybrid CEO Scott Buwalda. “It’s a reputation we fostered early on, but we’ve spent the last decade expanding that image, as we do make entry-level products that are both fantastic performers and are reasonably priced.” Hybrid Audio Technologies speakers are divided into “good – better – best.” Mirus V is the company’s entry-level product, Unity being the company’s mid-grade line-up, and the venerable Legatia line-up making up the company’s high-end offering. 


The Mirus V product is a masterfully-designed product that utilizes carbon fiber midbass diaphragms and damped titanium dome tweeters for outstanding linearity and exceptional sound pressure level. Mirus V is available in all standard coaxial sizes plus 6 1/2-inch and 6X9-inch convertible component sets. Mirus V 6.5-inch coaxial speakers start at $219.99 RRP.


Hybrid Audio Technologies is pleased to announce that the new Unity range of shallow subwoofers is now available in 10-inch and 12-inch diameters, boasting fewer than three inches of mounting depth for both models. Unity subwoofers are useful in a variety of tight-fitting locations. Hybrid Shallow-Depth subwoofers start at $259.99 RRP for the 10-inch U10SW-S.


“Some also say Hybrid Audio was founded by some old-school competitor that never got the memo to quit. That’s us too, and again, although we’re proud to be the speaker brand of choice in the organized car audio competition circles, we’re quite a bit more than that. We invite specialty retailers across the country dealing with out-of-stock conditions with their current vendors to check us out!” continued Buwalda.


Hybrid Audio launched in 2005 out of Buwalda’s garage with a single SKU. Today it has a catalog of about 100 products and ships out of Atlanta, GA, and Vacaville, CA. 


For more information, visit https://hybrid.audio/ or call 770-888-8200.


Hybrid Audio

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