Morel Announces New Audiophile Speaker Line

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Morel introduces new audiophile car audio line

Morel is introducing its most complete new lineup to date, offering more tweeter options, and speakers with wider dynamic range.

The new products include the most advanced transducer technology on the market, and new magnet structures, Morel said.  The line marks the company’s 45th anniversary in the home and car audio markets.

The new car audio Elate Carbon will come in two levels: the Elate Carbon and Elate Carbon Pro. The difference between the two is the tweeter.  The Carbon Pro offers the option of an ultra high resolution Alto tweeter that can achieve “a staggering low 800Hz resonance point and flat response.”

The standard Elate Carbon line uses an MT450 tweeter. Both tweeters use a variation of Morel’s 28mm Acuflex coated silk dome. The Alto has a cavity-back to improve the speaker’s response, and has a larger and more powerful motor structure. The MT450 is a high resolution design in a more compact package.

The Elate Carbon series uses a 3-inch titanium Hexatech aluminum wire voice coil and double neodymium magnets.  The systems also now use sandwich carbon cones and better spider materials.

Morel Elate Carbon Pro car speakers
Morel Elate Carbon Pro car speakers

CEO Oren Mordechai (pictured above) said, “We took all the technologies that exist today; simulation and manufacturing technologies, and the know how we have in our high end home audio products and brought them into this car audio line.”

Both Elate Carbon and Elate Carbon Pro come in 2-way active systems (models 52A and 62A) with either 5.25″ or 6.5″ woofers, and 3-way systems  (models 53A, 63A, and 93A) with 5.25″, 6.5″ or 9″ woofers.

Shipping is expected in mid- September. Retail prices for the Elate Carbon are $1,659 for 2-way kits and $2,499 to $2,699 for 3-way. Pricing for the Carbon Pro are $1,999 for 2-way, and $2,849 to $,2999 for 3-way.

Morel is also offering its first three way component system under the Hybrid line.  The Hybrid 63 was developed to bridge the gap between the Virtus and Elate Carbon 3-way components.

The line has a new tweeter with lower distortion and new mid-range and woofers. The MT300 tweeter is more compact but it still uses Morel’s traditional 28mm Acuflex coated silk dome, dual neodymium magnets and Hexatech aluminum voice coil wire.

The Hybrid mid-range uses the same 3.5″ diameter but the chassis is now made out of aluminum and plastic composite. The new 6.5″ basket has been updated and gets a mounting ring for the new mesh grilles in the chassis. It was given a machined edge to provide a more upscale look.

Prices for the new Hybrid component systems range from $949-$1399. Hybrid Integra point source speakers retail for $749.

Additionally,  4″ versions of the Virtus nano and Virtus nano Integra are in the final stages of development, with production expected toward the end of Q4.

Virtus nano components range from $649-$849 and Virtus nano Integra $599. Six inch models will begin shipping mid September and 4″ models will ship in late Q4.

Morel’s new logo shown at top, reflects a design created when a Morel speaker generates sound waves through gold liquid, as created by the artist Mariam Cabessa.




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