Alpine Ships Wireless DSP

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Alpine PXE-X09 wireless DSP for car

Alpine Electronics is shipping its new wireless digital signal processor (DSP) that processes in Hi-Res Audio, up to 45 or 50kHz.  It includes a built in Real-Time Analyzer and identifies the configuration of the factory system and then lets you input the configuration of the aftermarket system you want.  Then it sums the inputs together.

The new PXE-09 has 16 inputs and 16 outputs.

It can be tuned wirelessly over Bluetooth via a smartphone or via a PC.

The PXE-X09 includes tuning tools such as the built-in signal generator and an on-board Real-Time Analyzer. Users also get a 10-band input EQ, 31 Band Parametric Output EQ, 1hz-step crossover, and up to 20ms of Time Correction.

The PXE-X09 includes a Configuration Wizard, that lets the user specify the components in a factory system, and then specify the target aftermarket system layout. The system then identifies only the appropriate channels and logically mixes them to get a full range signal for further tuning.

Customers can get real-time tuning results and compare them with the “Before” and “After” effect. Tuning files can be saved to a smartphone, hard drive, or thumb drive for storage and shared via text message or email.

Users can adjust their system with the unit’s LCD remote controller, which can be flush-mounted on the dash. The rotary knob can adjust volume, preset storage and recall, subwoofer level, and source selection with results displayed on the LED screen.

While the PXE-X09 was designed to integrate into modern factory systems, it can also be used as a head unit or music source in older vehicles. The PXE-X09 can receive music sent directly from a smartphone with Bluetooth wireless streaming.

Retail pricing for the PXE-X09 is $1399.95.

Tech specs:

  • Hi-Res Audio Compliant
  • Configuration Wizard
  • Built-in Real-Time Analyzer
  • Built-in Signal Generator (Pink Noise, White Noise, Sinusoid)
  • Bluetooth® audio streaming with included external module
  • Wireless sound tuning via smartphone. PC tuning also available
  • Dash-mounted remote controller included
  • 16-channel High/Low voltage inputs for both OEM and aftermarket installations
  • Matrix Mixing
  • 294.9MHz Processor
  • 216kHZ/24bit ADC/DAC
  • 10 Band Parametric or Graphic Input EQ
  • 31 Band Parametric or Graphic Output EQ
  • 6 EQ Presets
  • >100dB Signal to Noise Ratio
  • >110dB Channel Separation
  • High pass / low pass crossovers per channel
  • Time correction; Up to 20ms delay per channel
  • 16-channel RCA/ High-level input
  • 1 Coaxial input
  • 1 Optical input


See a video demo here.




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