Cobra Intros Family of Power Inverters

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Cobra power inverters

Press Release: CHICAGO Cobra Electronics announced today the release of the Cobra Power Inverter Series: the PURE SINE 400W, POWER 500W, PRO 1500W, PRO 2500W and PRO 3000W, plus the new Cobra Remote On/Off Controller with Fast Charge USB.

All inverters feature 90% efficient output, ensuring appliances, devices and vehicle batteries benefit from a longer run time.  Each model incorporates Fast Charge USB-C and USB-A ports alongside several GFCI AC outlets to maximize the number of electronics that can be charged at one time. While offering powerful wattage, Cobra’s inverters are built to meet industry-leading safety and reliability standards with five layers of protection against overheating and low-voltage shutdown settings.

Each inverter is also Cobra Remote Controller compatible, with the PRO 3000W model bundled with the controller, allowing users to conveniently monitor and charge devices with a fast charge USB from anywhere inside their vehicle. The inverters’ rugged industrial design allows for easy set-up and use wherever they’re needed.

The PURE SINE 400W and POWER 500W inverters are designed with two GFCI protected AC outlets and are packaged with 16” direct-to-battery and 12V Vehicle Accessory cables.

  • PURE SINE 400W Power Inverter: Cobra’s 400W inverter reaches an 800 Watt peak and is ideal for powering medical equipment like CPAP machines and sensitive devices ranging from laptops to gaming and entertainment systems. Packaged with 16” #12 power cables, the 400W is a perfect fit for the needs of professional drivers, travelers, campers and tailgaters.


  • Multipurpose POWER 500W Power Inverter: A multipurpose system with peak power at 1000 Watts, the 500W takes it up a notch for campers, tailgaters and RV enthusiasts. Accompanied by 16” #10 AWG cables, this model is made for powering up entertainment systems and small appliances.


Cobra’s three professional grade inverters are built to power all electronics and appliances, with the 2500W and 3000W models designed to handle high-wattage devices like power tools. These elite inverters are a step above the rest with four protected AC outlets, with the PRO 1500W and 2500W being CETL® certified. Each professional grade powerhouse is equipped with LED digital display and is accompanied by corresponding 48″ #4 AWG cables.

  • Professional Grade PRO 1500W Power Inverter: With an output of 1500 Watts continuous and 3000 Watts peak power, paired with #4 AWG power cables, this model is for professional drivers, campers and tailgaters who power devices such as electronics, entertainment devices and kitchen appliances.


  • Professional Grade PRO 2500W Power Inverter: Reaching a peak of 5000 Watts, the PRO 2500W is ideal for cross-country professional drivers, contractors, RV enthusiasts and campers who want to use electronics, power tools and kitchen or bathroom appliances.       Dual 48” #4 AWG cables are included with this model.


  • Professional Grade PRO 3000W Power Inverter: Offering peak power at 6000 Watts, this powerful inverter is a luxury for drivers looking to charge and power devices such as electronics, power tools and home appliances. Plus, the PRO 3000W comes with dual 48” #2 AWG cables and is equipped with a Cobra Remote On/Off Controller with Fast Charge USB for increased convenience.


The POWER 500W ($59.95), PRO 1500W ($199.95) and PRO 2500W ($299.95) inverters are now available at Both PURE SINE 400W ($129.95) and PRO 3000W ($379.95) models will be available for purchase in September.

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