Kicker Announces Strong Marine Inventory

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Kicker Marine Audio

Press Release: STILLWATER, OK–Kicker announced that despite the pandemic it is offering timely deliveries of marine audio products.

“Our top requested marine inventory items have been head units, RGB coaxials, subwoofers, and amplifiers,” said Director of Marine Audio Systems Phil White. “Entering this season with heavy inventory levels and a strong supply chain, we have been able to service our dealers, OEMs, and consumers with product delivery during these trying times.”

In addition, Kicker Marine Audio Brand Manager Jeremy Bale said the company has continued to focus on its R&D efforts during the pandemic, with plans to release new marine exclusive products as scheduled later this year.

Kicker Founder Steve Irby decided to bolster inventories based on projections for a robust season of growth in 2020. Irby and his management team evaluated sales trends, developed new product timelines, and strategically focused tactics to grow the marine segment. That decision has paid dividends.

“Music is always a great release,” says Irby, “We are pleased that boaters continue to find solace in upgrading their music systems and enjoying relaxation or recreational activities which are fueled by great music—and KICKER systems.”

“We are communicating with many of our dealers throughout the world and are pleasantly surprised by the boating consumer psyche,” adds White. “Boaters are taking time during COVID-19 to escape with their families and spend time on their boats out on the water. Many choose to either invest in new boat products or to enjoy DYI projects to upgrade their existing boats, which positively impacts the purchase of our sound systems. We are fortunate that boat dealers are essential services in many parts of the world and that our strong positioning allows us to respond to the resulting demand. As boat ramps and marinas have continued to reopen, we are continuing to experience a very high level of demand and a strong push for product.”

Besides the sales initiatives, Kicker also participates in COVID-19 support services, donating PPE products to New York City and several Oklahoma healthcare facilities. Kicker team members even recently used the company’s 3-D printers to create face shields for donation.

For more information visit www.KICKER/ or contact Marilyn DeMartini at [email protected] or Wanda Kenton Smith at [email protected]

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