Boyo HUD Has CarPlay, Android Auto

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Boyo HUD CarPlay

Vision Tech America, maker of Boyo back up cameras and driver safety products, is shipping one of the first heads up displays to include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability.

The new VTHUDpro mounts on the dashboard and projects onto a clear screen a 15-inch holographic image that is “clear and vibrant,” according to Boyo.

It works with a remote control that mounts on the steering wheel and connects via Bluetooth.  The unit displays the familiar CarPlay and Android Auto interface allowing navigation, phone calls, messaging and music.  The unit connects to a smartphone via a USB connection.

The unit includes an FM transmitter to play audio through the car’s speakers.  It also displays travel speed and RPM via a wired connection to the car’s OBD2 port.

Suggested retail price for the VTHUDpro is $299.

For more information, contact Vision Tech America at (714) 446-0543 or [email protected]



It is USB connection to iPhone or Android phone.


VTHUDpro is considered a docking station.

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