ESCORT Intros Redline 360C Portable Radar Detector

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ESCORT radar Redline 360c

Press Release: CHICAGO – ESCORT debuted the Redline 360c, a portable radar detector that “sets a new technical standard for driver alert systems, as the only portable detection system to combine connected technology with the longest detection range in the market and AI-based false-filtering capabilities for drivers seeking peak performance behind the wheel,” it said.

The Redline 360c’s detection range is 2X farther than previous models including all radar bands, instant-on radar plus maximum laser range and off-axis coverage. Equipped with dual antennas that feature front and rear radar receivers, the device offers TRUE 360° directional awareness and protection that allows drivers to instantly locate the direction of a radar source.

The  ESCORT Redline 360c offers upgraded filtering with newly developed Software Defined Radio architecture, combining a Blackfin DSP chip with 25X more processing power, precision-guided sensors and artificial intelligence to offer more detailed visibility into a greater number of frequencies. Its patented AutoLearn® feature uses GPS to learn and automatically reject fixed-position false alerts. The unit’s updateable IVT™ Filter also reduces unwanted noise from in-vehicle technology such as collision avoidance systems.

The detector uses ESCORT’s 100% TotalShield technology that helps drivers stay completely invisible to incoming radar detection. Unlike competitive products that attempt to dodge detection, the patented Redline Stealth antenna design renders the device completely invisible.  It’s GPS receiver also offers  location accuracy within 2.5 meters.

The only connected detection system with live community alerts, the ESCORT Redline 360c uses Wi-Fi to automatically download software and GPS-based threat map updates to the device, providing drivers with access to the largest database of precise, real-time alerts. ESCORT Redline 360c owners can tap into over 100 million vehicle-to-vehicle driver alerts annually through the mobile ESCORT Live App® for advanced warning on all traffic and law enforcement cameras, live radar and laser reports, speed limit data, construction, road hazard, traffic and accident alerts to maximize road awareness. Cloud-based technology integration also provides ESCORT Live crowd-sourced alerts without the need for a smartphone app, offering an additional layer of protection.

The ESCORT Redline 360c is available now for $749.95. For more information on the ESCORT Redline 360c and other ESCORT products visit


About ESCORT, Inc.

ESCORT is a leading manufacturer of high-performance radar and laser detectors and the patented ESCORT LiveTM real-time ticket protection network. ESCORT manufactures products under the ESCORT, REDLINE and MAX names. The company is part of Cedar Electronics; a leading global supplier of mobile and consumer products that consist of a portfolio of industry leading brands including Cobra Electronics and ESCORT. Additional information about ESCORT, Inc. is available at






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