Race Sport Launches PPE Company

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Race Sport launches PPE company

Race Sport Lighting of Ringwood, IL announced it has created a new company to sell PPE products and vehicle protection to 12 volt and other dealers.

The new company is called Wholesale Product Group (wpgsupply.com).   It offers the PPE dealers will need to reopen their stores safely including masks, gloves, retail sneeze and cough shields, and social distancing decals/stickers.

The company has hired manufacturer reps to offer the product. It will also target the automotive industry including gas stations, said Race Sport Lighting President Steve Jergensen.

The line includes about 50 products currently and 80 percent of those products are sourced from the US.  WPG will also give 5 percent of its revenues to shipping PPE to front line workers.

Jergensen said he started the company after speaking with Race Sport dealers and distributors who were looking for guidance about how to reopen their stores safely. “I realized they will need help reopening,” he said, adding, “We also want to support small business suppliers that can make the products in the US; that’s part of our core values.  We want to help rebuild the US economy by supporting small business and entrepreneurs that are coming up with cool ideas. If we read about a 12 guy making panels or barriers, we called them.”

The social distances stickers are produced by Team Nutz in Ohio.

While sanitizers are hard to get, WPG has been working with a distillery in Minnesota and with a US chemical company.  In sanitizers, only the 8 ounce sanitizers are source overseas, said Jergensen.

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