Powersports Audio Share of 12 Volt

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Before the world went into pandemic mode, we had asked vendors just how much of their business was in powersports audio last year compared to car audio.

For some vendors, all the growth they saw last year was in powersports.  While not true for every supplier, powersports audio, be it for motorcycles, UTVs or boats, has become an increasingly large segment of 12 volt sales.

The category represented 20 percent of Maxxsonics’ business, compared to 5 percent three years ago.  CEO Alden Stiefel said candidly, “You can’t survive on car audio alone anymore.”

BOSS Audio saw 55 percent growth in powersports audio last year and, prior to the pandemic, had expected the same growth again this year as it launches new Harley and RZR kits.  Powersports is now 25 percent of BOSS Audio’s business. compared to 5 percent three years ago.

Elettromedia (Hertz, Audison) said powersports audio has remained a steady 25 percent of its business for the past few years.

DS18 reports that 60 percent of its audio business is in motorcycle and powersports including Jeep products.  Three years ago, that figure was 15 to 20 percent.  The company predicted in March that by the end of 2020, 85 percent of its business will be in powersports and Jeep audio.

About 17 percent of Memphis Audio’s business is now in powersports compared to about 5 percent a few years ago, said Nick LoMonaco, Memphis Audio President.

Still others such as American Bass, had planned to enter powersports audio for the first time this year.

Rockford, Alpine and other suppliers did not wish to comment on their powersports audio shares.

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