Elettromedia Ships Free Masks to Dealers

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hertz-audison elettromedia ship masks with car stereo

Elettromedia USA has begun adding a bonus to each order of Hertz or Audison products it ships to dealers.  It now includes a pack of ten 3-ply masks to help protect the dealers’ employees from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The masks are free for all orders, large and small.  Additionally, Elettromedia is offering packages of 50 masks for a competitive price of $30 to those dealers who want to keep masks on hand to offer to consumers.

Rob Wempe, Vice President of Elettromedia USA, said the company is offering the masks as a way to show your customers that you are creating a safe environment for them.

“You are telling your consumers that coming here is a safe place and we’re following guidelines and we care about our employee’s safety and your safety,” he said.

Putting a basket by the front door with masks for consumers intensifies that message and says that your shop is a safe place to do business.

“Whatever your politics are, even if you think wearing a mask is silly, some people don’t, and you should cater to them and make sure they feel comfortable in your shop,” Wempe added.

For more information visit www.elettromedia-usa.com

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