Car Toys Reopens Some Stores

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Car Toys reopens half its stores

Car Toys announced it will reopen about half of its 48 stores by May 8.

All of its 13 stores in Texas reopened as of Monday.  Some of the chain’s Colorado stores have reopened with all 11 stores in that state to reopen by May 8, said a notice on the Car Toys website.

Oregon and Washington state locations remain closed, as they have been for weeks, following the states’ stay-at-home guidelines.  But both states are beginning to relax their shelter-in-place orders with Washington allowing some retail stores to reopen in rural areas.  Washington’s general quarantine doesn’t officially end until May 31.

Similarly, Oregon is expected to allow some stores in rural areas to reopen as of May 15. Its general stay-at-home order has no set end date, at present.

Car Toys has made many changes to its stores. Customers can now schedule private appointments at the reopened stores.  They can also shop virtually by video chat with a salesman rather than coming into the store and then drop off their car for the installation.

The chain will limit the number of customers allowed in the store at any given time and will practice social distancing of six feet, said its website. The stores are “continuously cleaning and disinfecting every surface our staff and guests can touch, adjusting how we demonstrate products and communicate to customers to maximize safety.”  It is also establishing new protocols for dropping off cars and wiping down car surfaces.

Car Toys also offers car interior ozone treatments and detailing.

Car Toy’s website continues to accept orders, as it has throughout the pandemic.



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