72 Hour Push on COVID Shields, Please Help

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Gary Bell COVID face shield fundraiser

The next 72 hours to a week is a desperate time for many health care workers around the country fighting COVID-19. Large orders of face shields are on the way from companies such as Ford, but they’re not here yet and our 12 volt fabrication heroes are filling in the gap.

Gary Bell of Define Concepts, CA along with dozens of other retailers are in a sprint this weekend to produce as many shields as possible. Some are outlaying their own funds. Their GoFundMe campaigns are not enough to meet the endless demand for these face shields.  These retailers need help now!  The LA Times said the shortage of PPE is so severe, even when hospitals raise money, they can’t find equipment to buy.

Bell describes the need perfectly in the video below.

Sony has already stepped up to pay for all shipping expenses for the face shields produced by Bell. Scosche has secured 200 precious N95 masks and is shipping them to retailers to distribute along with the face shields.  Countless other suppliers are helping secure masks or as Echomaster, DD Audio and ATREND, making shields. Credit also goes to the Durfee Law Group for providing a note disclaiming liability that dealers may include in their shipments.  Many other industry members are working behind the scenes to support these retailers.   But large corporate donations are what is needed now!

Please give to Bell and other GoFundMe campaigns from some of our industry’s finest!

Watch Bell’s video here:

Please donate to Bell’s campaign here.

Jeremy Katz of JK Automotive Designs, MA posted this update to his face shield efforts:

Your contributions so far have allowed us to secure over 300 sheets of material. This is incredible as it will allow us to manufacture over 12,000 shields. We have collaborated with other fabrication shops from our industry in Alaska, Florida, Texas, California, Delaware, Boston and more, and have been able to successfully keep them up and running producing masks, but we still need your help!

For every 100 masks, we ship a request will come in for 1,000 more.

You can donate to Katz’s GoFundMe campaign here.

Here are some other GoFundMe campaigns:

Carlos Ramirez, NVS Audio, Roselle, NJ

Mark D’Elia, SoundFX, West Warwick, RI

Brandon Green and The Stereo Shop, St Louis Mo

Milton Benavides Speed of Sound, Milford, CT

Mike Bartells and Extreme Audio – Mechanicsville and Midlothian, Virginia

Robert Gonzales and Sunshades Tint and Sound, Austin TX

Adam Devine and Devine Concepts, Naples, FL

Charlie Lamble, Canada


Please add more GoFundMe links for industry members providing COVID-19 PPE in the comment section below or email [email protected]


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