New Remote Start Brand from Car Audio Distribs

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Auto Shield offers remote start

Press Release: DALLAS – Car Audio Distributors based out of Dallas, TX is officially launching a new remote start/ auto alarm company named Auto Shield.

The new brand has been in development for almost five years, and began shipping a few non-remote start models in the US in early 2019.  Now, it has entered the remote start segment with five models (with and without security.)

Auto Shield differentiates itself from other brands in a number of ways.

  1. Auto Shield will NOT be sold on the Internet (making the brand profitable for dealers.)
  2. Auto Shield remote start alarms come equipped with Tilt Sensors into the Brain.
  3. Auto Shield alarms also come equipped with both: positive and negative door locks (whereas most manufacturers only come equipped with negative door locks.)

Auto Shield is currently looking to sign up dealers.

The Full Line-up of Auto Shield is as Follows:

AS-975-2W – Remote Start with 2-Way Chrome Pager (Variable RGB Display,) 1 Mile Range, Built-in Relay Pack

AS-775-2W – Remote Start with 2-Way Chrome Pager (Variable RGB Display,) 1 Mile Range

AS-675-2W – Remote Start with 2-Way Pager and built-in Tilt Sensor
AS-675-1W – Remote Start with 1-Way Remote
AS-625-1W – Remote Start and Keyless Entry Only

AS-475-2W – Basic Alarm with Keyless Entry and 2-Way Pager

AS-375A – Basic Alarm  with Siren

AS-275A – Basic Alarm / Keyless Entry without Siren

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