VOXX Launches Special Support Line for MECP Dealers

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VOXX Electronics

Press Release (EDITED): ORLANDO, FL –VOXX Electronics Corporation announced today a new, dedicated toll-free VOXX Tech Support Dealer phone number is now live.  MECP dealers can easily call a dedicated 24/7 tech support line to ask questions, get installation assistance and provide feedback.

“The MECP technician gets fast tracked to the front of the phone que and our VOXX Tech Support staff knows they don’t need to go through basic troubleshooting based upon the MECP technicians certification level, and can get to the job of helping finishing the installation process,” said Aron Demers, Senior Vice President, VOXX Electronics Corporation.

The program is also expected to help VOXX by promoting better educated technicians, which, in turn may lead to ” potential long-term reduction in returns and unnecessary product swaps and replacements,” said Kris Bulla, MECP Consultant.

VOXX said all of its support techs are put through a comprehensive training course to become MECP certified within the first few months to ensure they are equipped with the highest level of education and training to better assist customers.

“We created a tech hotline for our MECP technicians.  These technicians dedicated time to invest in their future and we appreciate them.  Once we receive the call and verify the certificate number, we will send the member a one-time complimentary VOXXGarage T-shirt,” said Ed Catapano, Vice President, VOXX Service Group.

Contact us at 844-984-1746, the team is looking forward to assisting you!

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