XS Power Launches Titan 8 Batteries

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XS Power Launches Titan 8 batteries

Press Release: CES marks the official full release of the new Titan 8 Series Lithium Titanate Oxide (LTO) battery lineup.  The series offers  2V, 12V, 14V, and 16V modules available in either high power or high reserve capacity configurations, for use in Mobile Audio, Commercial, Leisure, Marine, Powersports, Racing and many other applications.

The built-in 2/0 bussing allows up to 4 Positive and 4 Negative hidden direct connections to each module without the need for any external exposed bussing, while still leaving two easily accessible top terminals and four series or parallel expansion terminals to easily build a bank of nearly any configuration from 12V, 14V, 16V, 24V, 28V, 36V, 48V, or any configuration imaginable. With the unique design, single 2.4V individual modules can be made for even further installation flexibility.

Each module comes standard with a built-in balancing system and can be upgraded to include Bluetooth connectivity that allows remote cell monitoring, internal temperature sensing, battery health monitoring and can be configured to send notifications to any tablet or smartphone when any user preset limit is met, including low voltage, over temp, over charge, etc.  Usage data is stored in the app to assist with trouble shooting and allows the user to enjoy an extended warranty up to 4 years. Multiple Titan 8 batteries can be monitored from one app from a single installation, or multiple different vehicle installations.

The initial release includes the modules listed below with their voltage, power, capacity and price listed. Many more options will be available soon including BCI direct fit models that are fully insulated with temperature monitoring built-in, suited for use in the factory under hood position.

Power Modules – Designed for Peak Power

This series uses a very high power lithium cell that is designed for very high burst output (up to 100 times its capacity) as well as very high charge current (30-60 times its capacity).  This translates to a single 10Ah module that can support burst current up to 1,000A, and can accept 300A of continuous charge current.

PWR-S5: $599.99

12V, 10Ah, 5,000W – 8,000W


PWR-S6: $699.99

14V, 10Ah, 6,000W – 9,000W


PWR-S7: $799.99

16V, 10Ah, 7,000W – 10,000W


Reserve Modules – Designed for Peak Capacity


This series uses a cell that is designed to maximize capacity and deep cycling abilities. Although it is physically the same size as the power series, it has double the amount of storage energy but only half of the instant discharge energy. This gives it double the capacity rating, but half of the wattage rating. In some installations, it may be desirable to use one or more modules from each series to get the desired wattage and capacity. In this type of installation, we recommend the PWR module be placed nearest any high amperage loads.


RSV-S5: $649.99

12V, 20Ah, 2,500W – 4,000W


RSV-S6: $769.99

14V, 20Ah, 3,000W – 4,500W


RSV-S7: $889.99

16V – 20Ah, 3,500W – 5,000W


BCI Models soon to come include 51, 51R, 47, 48, 49, 34, 34R, and 65.

All Titan 8 products are backed with a 1 year free replacement warranty which is extended to 4 years when purchased with the Bluetooth battery management system included.

Pre Orders will be accepted beginning January 15th with the first wave of shipments expected to ship in late February.

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