VOXX Collaborates With SiriusXM on New e-Wallet

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SiriusXM to use EyeLock security for e-Wallet

VOXX’s EyeLock subsidiary will demonstrate at CES 2020 a prototype visor-mounted secure verification system for a new SiriusXM e-Wallet to be offered to car makers.

EyeLock’s iris biometric authentication insures secure access to SiriusXM e-Wallet, which will allow drivers and passengers to shop and pay for coffee, find and pre-pay for gas, locate and pay for parking, purchase movie tickets, seamlessly pay tolls, and more.

EyeLock’s system allows passenger ID to take place in under one second.

For the new e-Wallet system, SiriusXM said it plans to establish virtual payment relationships with a wide-ranging network of retailers and will start showcasing the system to car makers this year.

SiriusXM will demonstrate the EyeLock prototype in two different vehicles at CES.  The demo can be seen at the VOXX exhibit, LVCC, CENTRAL HALL, BOOTH 13517.


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