Eton Car Audio Introduces ‘Point Source’ System

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Eton introduces RSX speakers for car

Press Release (EDITED): Las Vegas  – Eton Car Audio of Germany, has announced that their new, RSX 80, premium 3.2” Component ‘Point Source’ system, is now shipping.

Designed to offer drop-in solutions for a wide array of dash-mount applications, including Jeep, Dodge Ram and Lexus vehicles, it also will fit numerous other dash-applications, and any vehicle that uses a standard 3.5” dash or door speaker size.

Eton is recognized as one of the premier, Hi-Fi component driver manufacturers and has received numerous stellar reviews from leading European hi-fi magazines for many years. This new RSX system represents their latest, advanced technology mobile system, featuring a new, edge-damped, 15mm aluminum dome tweeter, delivering flat-response out well beyond 25 kHz.

The RSX series is designed, engineered and manufactured in Eton’s State-of-the-Art factory Neu Ulm Germany.

In addition, the RSX employs a low-profile, vented, cast-alloy frame, with bi-amp inputs,  for use with the outboard crossovers, and for DSP fully active systems. It uses cutting-edge, home audio driver technologies, including acompact 25mm Neo motor. It features Eton’s proprietary Carbon Fiber foam-core, 3-layer, composite sandwich cone, as used in their ‘RSR’ component mid-driver and systems. This advanced cone technology offers exceptional stiffness-to-mass ratio, in addition to being extremely well-damped, to minimize any typical cone-induced distortion modes.

The RSX 80 component system, which includes both premium outboard crossovers, and also a unique, 3.5 inch multi-mount adapter plate, carries MSRP of $550, and $449.95 Minimum Resale Price (MRP).

Eton is now shipping products from three strategically located US regional warehouses, to provide upscale 12V Retailers ideal ‘JIT’ delivery to majority of domestic major markets.

Retailers who will be attending CES are invited to contact AMG at (310) 941-2171, or send email to Eton AMG at; [email protected]

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