New Bosch In-Cabin Monitoring

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Bosch In-Car Monitoring Uses AI

Bosch announced it has developed a new in-cabin monitoring system for automobiles that includes a camera in the steering wheel to monitor if a driver is drowsy.

It uses facial recognition and artificial intelligence (AI) to determine if a driver is distracted or if his eye lids are drooping or if his head is turned away from the road. It then issues a warning and it can even slow the car down.

The system also uses a camera by the rear view mirror to alert the driver  if a child is removing their seat belt. And it can send a message to a smartphone if a child is left in the rear seat.

We may see more of these AI-based safety systems as, by mid 2022, European cars will be required to include driver drowsiness and attention warning systems and event data recorders.

In March, Volvo announced plans to install in-car cameras and sensors to monitor drivers for signs of intoxication and distraction.

Cadillac’s Super Cruise also uses driver monitoring technology. But, according to Digital Trends, it differs from Bosch’s system, which is being trained by AI “to recognize a wide variety of scenarios via image-processing algorithms.”

Again, Bosch’s technology is likely to reach European drivers in 2022 due to new rules imposed by the European Union.  There’s no word yet on whether Bosch’s technology is slated for the US.

Source: Digital Trends, CNBC



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