3 New RZR Audio Systems From Maxxsonics

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MB Quart RZR audio

MB Quart will introduce three new Polaris RZR audio systems that are compatable with the Polaris RIDE COMMAND radio system. The products will make their debut at the Sand Sports Super Show in Costa Mesa, CA, September 13 – 15.

Brian Sherman, Vice President of Product & Marketing for Maxxsonics USA said, “RIDE COMMAND is an incredible piece of technology, but it was designed with very low voltage output to drive audio amplifiers (this can create noise and interference with audio products). Luckily, MB Quart engineers have 5 years of high-level engineering access to the electrical teams at Polaris to help them navigate the path incomparable sound quality with low noise and high resistance to injected noise.”



  1. Amplifiers included are RIDE COMMAND compliant so even if you buy a regular kit, you can upgrade to RC without changing the amplifiers
  2. Subwoofer mounting has changed to work on both 2019/2020 models and for 2014 – 2019 models and is now packaged with the amplifier
  3. Speakers are pre-installed in the dash pods for simpler installation
  4. 8” Front Speaker Pods include a new mounting system complete with install/drill templates to reduce installation time
  5. Accessory pack includes both amplifier plates for 2019/2020 models and for 2014 – 2019 models
  6. Three new RIDE COMMAND specific kits that seamlessly integrated into all versions of RIDE COMMAND



(2014 to 2020 RZR except 2020 PRO XP)


Item Description MSRP
MBQR-STG5-2 MBQ 800W Stage 5 RZR $1,999.99
MBQR-STG5-RC-1 MBQ 800W STAGE 5 RC RZR $1,699.99
MBQR-STG3-2 MBQ 800W Stage 3 RZR $1,599.99
MBQR-STG3-RC-1 MBQ 800W Stage 3 RC RZR $1,299.99
MBQR-STG2-RAD-2 MBQ 400W Stage 2 Radio RZR $1,099.99
MBQR-STG2-RC-1 MBQ 400W Stage 2 RC RZR $749.99
MBQR-SUB-2 MBQ 400W Sub System RZR $499.99
MPQR-POD-2 MBQ 8″ Kick Pods RZR $499.99
MBQR-RAD-2 MBQ Radio Kit RZR $429.99


See all of the newest upgrades, including RIDE COMMAND, for the RZR Tuned Audio Systems this week at booth OS-601, in Costa Mesa, California.

Full line details can be found on the MB Quart website at https://mbquart.com/



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