Race Sport Announces SEMA Data Partnership

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Press Release: RINGWOOD, IL–Race Sport® Lighting announced it has partnered with SEMA Data Co-op to disseminate ACES and PIES data, making it easier to load pricing and other information.

ACES (Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard) and PIES (Product Information Exchange Data) are the universal standards for how companies may share or receive data. SEMA acts as the hub for manufacturers to update their pricing, fitment and other data easily, without the need for resellers to go through thousands of SKUS to manually update their systems.

“Race Sport Lighting has 5,000+ SKUs in our data set that we keep up to date on SEMA SDC, and hundreds of receivers can load our entire line into their system within minutes in the format that is universal and ready for import into their systems and sites,” said Race Sport’s Steven Jergensen.

He added, “This is much simpler and time-efficient than a buyer taking a price sheet or data sheet direct from a manufacturer and manually loading it one by one.”

The SEMA Data Co-op exports will provide the rich content dealers need to run their business. Detailed descriptions, product attributes, pricing, images, and robust vehicle fitment including configuration information, plus much more, formatted to their individual requirements. Exports are available in standard formats or virtually any custom requirement—no extra charges for “special” data exports.

For more information visit www.racesportinc.com


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