Kenwood Launches Qi Charger, Dashcams

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Kenwood Ships Qi charger for car

Kenwood introduced three standalone dashcams at KnowledgeFest, increasing its commitment to the category, which it says has been growing steadily.

In addition, it is offering a motorized Qi wireless charging car mount for smartphones.

Kenwood is also working on motorcycle, RV and tow dashcams, which it sees as growth niches.

Kenwood’s Rick Noetzli said at the KnowledgeFest conference last week that dashcams are growing in the US by 28 percent industry wide.

All three of the new Kenwood HD dashcams include WiFi  to allow users to stream video footage to a smartphone.

At the top of the line is a 2-channel, 4K dashcam for a clearer image, which can come in handy when trying to decipher a license plate or other image.  The model DRV-A601WDP also has a rear 2560×1440 camera.  The dashcam with 3-inch screen can easily detach from its windshield mount. Street price is $279.95.

The step down model is the DRV-A501WDP, also with quick release mount and 3-inch screen. It uses two Wide Quad HD dual cameras including a front 2560×1440 dashcam, and a rear 1920×1080 camera at $219 street price.

Both ship this month.  Also, the leader DRV-301W single camera front-facing dashcam with 2.7-inch screen shipped in July.

The new Qi wireless charger, model CAX-HL10QI, fits most phones. Users can place their phones (still in their phone case, in most instances) directly in the mount. Its arms then automatically close in to secure the phone.

The mount is especially suited for use with wireless CarPlay and Android Auto Wireless radios. These free your smartphone from being plugged into the radio but some users will still want to physically plug in their phone for charging.  With a Qi mount, now there’s no need to plug in the phone at all.

Suggested retail price for the mount is $80.




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