New Supplier for 12 Volt Demo Displays

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AudioStak Interactive, the company that supplied switching systems for AVIDWORX, is now offering full retail display demo board kits directly to retailers.

AudioStak has taken its OEM switching systems and interactive electronics and incorporated them into full modular displays that may be ordered directly by retailers.

Owner Elliott Sancan says its switchers and electronics (called QuickStak), make its AudioStak demo systems easy to to install.  They use Molex modules that connect end-to-end. The modules press and click and come with audio cables that are clearly labeled (ie. speaker one and button one).

A retailer can set up the display in 3 to 4 hours, he said, claiming that prior to QuickStak, demo displays were so complex a technician had to be flown in to the retail location for set up. “The big thing that I wanted to achieve with QuickStak, is it is customer installable and extremely easy to use,” said Sancan.

AudioStak has been in business for more than 16 years. It was a long-time supplier to AVIDWORX, which left the market last year.

AudioStak also supplies switching systems for MSC America (which distributes Brax, Helix, BLAM and Match brands).

It’s first full retail demo system is a modular, wall-mounted, “turn-key” display called “ELEVATE.”

The company is setting up a manufacturer’s rep network and it is also planning to contact manufacturers who previously offered displays through AVIDWORX, so the brands might continue their retail display programs.

AudioStak works with 12 volt displays exclusively.  Sancan is an engineer who graduated from the British Columbia Institute of Technology, but he says he once worked briefly as an installer.

“When people buy car audio equipment it’s because they want music that sounds better in their car.  It’s an emotional process and the result they get in a store demonstration affects their confidence in the product being demo’d and their expectations for a quality install.  A successful demo increases sales,” he said.

For more information visit or call 250-797-9478. Sancan may also be reached at [email protected]

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