Metra Ships Stop/Start Override

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Metra start stop

Metra Electronics is  shipping a new interface that automatically disengages the STOP/START engine feature on specific vehicles. The AX-SSO interface is available with harnesses for select Ford vehicles.  Other harnesses will soon follow for Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep plus additional vehicles.

The AX-SSO uses exclusive technology that is patent-pending, said Metra.

“We’re finding that in the bigger vehicles, there’s a strong vibration when the engine shuts off,” said a spokesperson.

On some vehicles, the factory allows an override option, but on others, such as certain Ford and Chrysler vehicles, there is no override provision.

Also, “Having the engine turn off when stopped may be bothersome to some people, especially if it causes the air conditioning or heat to turn off at a long traffic light during the summer or winter months,” said the company.

The vehicle type is configured through Axxess Updater PC software and a simple four-wire installation is done at the radio location.


  • Allows the override of the STOP/START engine feature
  • The factory STOP/START button can resume the STOP/START feature
  • Can be used with either a factory or aftermarket radio
  • Vehicle type configured through the Axxess Updater software program
  • Simple four-wire installation

AX-FD-SSO – Vehicle-Specific Solution for Ford

  • Includes AX-SSO interface and vehicle-specific harness
  • Designed for:
    • F-150 2015-up*
    • Focus 2016-up*
    • Fusion 2015-up*
    • Edge 2015-up*
    • Escape 2017-up*

AX-CH-SSO – Vehicle-Specific Solution for Chrysler (Coming soon)

  • Includes AX-SSO interface and vehicle-specific harness
  • Designed for:
    • Chrysler Pacifica 2017
    • Dodge Durango 2016-up*
    • Jeep Cherokee 2016-up*
    • Jeep Grand Cherokee 2015-up*


Visit for up-to-date vehicle-specific applications and more information.


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