Brandmotion Wireless Charging Pad Complements CarPlay

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Brandmotion Freedom Charge MAX

Press Release (edited): SOUTHFIELD, MI – Brandmotion LLC,  supplier of advanced safety systems for the automotive aftermarket, has introduced the second generation of its FreedomCharge Qi wireless charging systems for vehicles.

The FreedomCharge MAX systems triple the charging power of the original to an industry-leading 15 watts, enabling faster charging of smartphones as well as more efficient function through thick, protective phone cases.

The new line gives smartphone owners the fastest possible wireless charging capability today in a system that will accommodate the ever-increasing power needs of future smartphone models.

Brandmotion was one of the first brands to offer an aftermarket, vehicle-specific wireless charging solution under the FreedomCharge brand. Since FreedomCharge’s debut, the adaptation of wireless charging spaces in the vehicle by OEMs has grown significantly. However, increasing smartphone capability as well as more intensive applications have diminished the efficiency of previous wireless charging systems.

FreedomCharge MAX, the newest Qi-based wireless charging product from Brandmotion, is designed to solve this problem, as well as the necessity to place a phone on a charging pad “just right” to initiate a charge. The spill-resistant, sure-grip pad contains a layered, triple-coil charging system that delivers 33 percent more charging power than any current in-vehicle Qi charging product. The inductive design covers more surface area and is strong enough to charge a smartphone through thicker cases such as Otterbox®, saving the smartphone owner from having to remove the case.

“Our goal with FreedomCharge MAX is to provide a future-proofed solution to wireless charging in the vehicle,” said Jeff Varick, president of Brandmotion. “For instance, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now available over a wireless connection through select aftermarket car audio manufacturers. FreedomCharge MAX is the perfect complement to these new features, because users can have a truly wireless experience while enjoying content and charging their smartphones at speed comparable to a wired connection. There’s no point to wireless connectivity if you still have to connect the smartphone to a wired charger.”

FreedomCharge MAX comes in two universal models. The FDMC-1310 is a kit that can be shaped to fit available areas in the vehicle, such as the change tray or storage pocket. The FDMC-1313 features a pre-shaped pad that fits atop the center armrest on trucks and larger vehicles. Both are powered through a direct connection to the vehicle’s wiring, and professional installation is recommended.

Suggested retail price for both FreedomCharge MAX Qi wireless charging kits is $169.95. For more information visit and select the FreedomCharge link.

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