Waylens 4G Security Goes DIY

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Waylens-4G Secure360

Waylens, Inc. announced a do-it-yourself install version of its innovative 4G DVR/security system that lets you peer into your car, in real time, after receiving a security alert.

The current hardwired version of the Secure360 connects to the car fuse box, requiring professional installation for most users.  It remains available to car audio dealers for consumers who are seeking a permanent installation.

The new DIY version of the Secure360 comes with an OBD2 cable for a simple plug-in connection.  Car audio dealers can also sell the DIY version. The Secure360 actually works with both the OBD2 and fuse box cables and dealers may exchange cables to suit a consumer’s preference.

Best Buy plans to carry the OBD2 and hardwired versions in close to 600 of its stores, said Tim Coomer, Waylens’ President.

The new OBD2 model will be available mid-to-late May at Best Buy and on the Waylens.com website. All other dealers will have access to the new model in June. The price remains the same at $399.95 plus a $9.95 per month service charge for 1GB of data usage with a rolling 7 days of free cloud storage

The device provides a 360 view via a single camera placed on the lower part of a car’s windshield to capture movement in and around the car.  Video footage may then be viewed forward or backward, or users can pan around to see the full view.  The system also includes an accelerometer for movement and also radar.  If it senses movement around the car it starts recording and sends an alert so the car owner can view the situation.

Another advantage of the 4G Secure360 is that you can view a teen driver in real time.

Waylens claims the Secure360 offers the longest park-mode in the industry, allowing users to monitor an unattended vehicle for 360 hours or 15 days.

For more information see waylens.com

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