Scosche Intros Its First USB-C to Lightning Cables

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Press Release): Oxnard, CA – SCOSCHE Industries has begun to ship its new MFI-certified USB-C to Lightning Power Delivery cables. These cables connect and sync Apple Lightning devices with USB-C enabled devices such as: laptops, tablets, hard drives, smartphones, digital cameras and more.

Scosche is introducing an entire family of USB-C → Lightning Power Delivery cables, of which this durable ​Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) version  is now available. Braided versions (in 4ft and 10ft lengths) will be available by the end of April, 2019.

This cable delivers a number of  benefits to Apple device users including the following:

● When used with a ​Scosche USB-C Power Delivery (PD) charger​, the cable charges Lightning devices like iPhones and iPads, at 3X the rate of a regular charger and cable and supports Apple Fast Charge.

● It delivers both data and power.

● The USB-C connector is reversible – there is no “upside down”.

● USB-C is universal and has been adopted by most major manufacturers for their new products including: Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, and Dell.

● It is an international standard so USB-C chargers and connections are found in hotels and airports around the world.

● USB-C PD uses a universal power delivery system so there is no concern about wattage levels. If a device does not support PD, the charger and cable will default to what the phone can safely support.

● The USB-C PD specification supports scalable power and performance which means it is backwards compatible and future-proof.

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