Tint World Buys Part of Avidworx

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Tint World purchases Avidworx

Tint World purchased the assets of Avidworx for its own displays and may offer displays to other retailers in the future.

Tint World was one of the largest customers of Avidworx, which was sold to an unnamed buyer in September.

“We bought our display rights to all our displays and the manufacturing process,” said Tint World CEO Charles Bonfiglio.  Tint World is now manufacturing the displays for its own stores, and “may manufacture for stores outside of Tint World,” he added.

Tint World is also looking into moving its display manufacturing from a current facility in Canada to one in the US.

The 60-store franchise chain already has a crew of employees trained in setting up and maintaining the displays.

t the time of its sale, Avidworx had serviced well over 1,000 retail stores since launching in 2003. It was growing in revenue at the time it was sold, with sales approaching $4 million annually, said Founder Marcel Newell.

Businessworx, the business/marketing software offshoot of Avidworx, was sold to a separate unnamed buyer.



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