NAV-TV Cuts Prices 40 Percent on Audio Interfaces

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NAV-TV announced it cut prices by as much as 40 percent on its Zen Audio series of car audio interfaces.

VP Derek Schmiedl said,  “With the products’ success we were able to negotiate better prices on premium components through higher volume. We chose to pass this on to the end-user and dealer, while maintaining the same gross profit margin percentage for our dealers.”

For years, NAV-TV specialized in interfaces into a vehicle’s video system until it entered the audio interfaces market in 2017 starting with a M650-GM for Chevy and Cadillac vehicles. The interfaces allow the addition of an aftermarket amplifier.

MAP enforced new pricing for Zen Audio products are:

M650-GM:                              reduced from $849.00 to $499.00 MAP

ZEN-DSP12A-A2B:              reduced from $849.00 to $549.00 MAP

ZEN-V:                                   reduced from $1299.00 to $749.00 MAP

ZEN-M:                                  reduced from $1299.00 to $749.00 MAP

NAV-TV says product quality remains the same.  All Zen Audio products use state of the art components including Burr-Brown/TI 192kHz, 32-Bit DAC and 128 bit floating point DSP, it said.  The interfaces are not subject to recent Chinese tariffs.

NAV-TV’s Zen Audio will be at KnowledgeFest in Long Beach, CA February 23-25 in demo vehicles at the Arc Audio and Audiotec Fischer/MSC booths.

For more information call  (866) 477-3336  (USA and Canada toll free) or +1(561) 955-9770 (International), or email  [email protected]


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