NAV-TV Goes Direct in Most Markets

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NAV-TV announced it is moving to direct distribution in most markets due to the increasing complexity of installing aftermarket integration accessories in new cars.

The company now offers over 900 SKUs for integrating aftermarket electronics in new cars.  And the cars themselves have become so complex that a single car model may use three completely different integration kits, depending on the car’s features.  NAV-TV believes it must provide direct to dealer support to make sure the right products are going into the right vehicles.

The company announced it ended ties with its Canadian distributor Automobility as part of this new effort. Effective January 1, it also ended ties with Lesco Distributing in the US, which handled many Southeast and Midwest dealers.  NAV-TV is now direct in most areas of the country except for the Northeast and some other spot markets.

The company plans however to increase its use of manufacturer reps, it said.

“With our SKU count now exceeding 900 products and vehicle complexity increasing at an exponential rate, we have decided that a direct approach for both sales and support is in the best interest of NAV-TV dealers. Beginning this month we will be discontinuing distribution of NAV-TV products throughout Canada and offering direct sales and support. We wish to thank Automobility Distribution for over a decade of support and service to the NAV-TV brand and will be working with them to ensure a simple and seamless transition,” said NAV-TV Vice President Derek Schmiedl.

He added, “We’re interested in our dealers’ success, but more than that, we want to make sure we meet or exceed our end users’ expectations.  As cars are getting more complicated, it’s become harder for anyone not dealing with this category, and solely this category on a daily basis, to address the needs of consumers.”

The number one reason for NAV-TV product returns is a failure to properly qualify the customers’ cars, he said. For example, NAV-TV has three different integration modules for the 2018 BMW, which has three different infotainment systems.

In light of the shift to direct distribution in Canada, NAV-TV said its programs for Canadian dealers will include:

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 4 levels of DFI (discount from invoice) Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond
  • Shipping Discounts
  • Stock Rotations
  • Point of Purchase Literature
  • Customized Sell Sheets with the Dealer’s Logo
  • Priority Access to NAV-TV Technical & Sales Support
  • Discounted Demo and Employee Purchase Accommodations

Retailers may contact 1-866-477-3336 or email  [email protected].

NAV-TV Corp is a solely owned and privately held corporation based in Coral Springs, FL. Established in 1999, NAV-TV is a prime manufacturer, distributor and contract manufacturer of OEM and aftermarket integration and electronic components. Additional information about NAV-TV is available at or by emailing [email protected]

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