VOXX: A New Accessory For Installers

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VOXX Jumpstarter

VOXX Electronics showed at CES this week an unusual product for aftermarket retailers–an onboard jumpstarter that requires professional installation.

Portable jump pack batteries are typically charged and then thrown in a glove compartment or trunk where they can sit for months. By the time they are needed, they may have lost their charge, defeating their very purpose. But the new VOXX Power Systems are professionally connected to the battery where it charges as you drive and is available when needed.  Users launch it through an app on their smartphone, so there’s no need to get out of the car to jump start the vehicle.

The VOXX Power Systems were developed in partnership with DWFritz, a leader in developing and manufacturing assembly and inspection equipment.

VOXX’s Aron Demers, Senior VP VOXX Electronics said, “With the VOXX Power Systems there’s no need to wait for AAA or even to get out of the car on a cold, dark night or in a place that might not be safe.”

The Power Systems monitor battery health and sends low battery alerts to your smartphone.   It charges automatically, and cannot be overcharged.  It also includes a built-in flash light, emergency flashers, USB charging ports and a plug-in for jumper cables for jumping other cars.

The Power Systems are due to ship around the third quarter at a price to be announced.

Also at CES, VOXX said it is shipping a new rear seat entertainment system with a new parental remote control option.  The system allows a parent’s smartphone or tablet to display the same programming the kids are watching in the rear seat. There’s no need for parents to twist around to change the kid’s programming.   From their smartphone, parents can fast forward, rewind and pause operation  of the two 10.1 inch monitors in the rear.

The SB10UHD rear seat system uses Android monitors that include HDMI, USB and SD inputs.  One of the pair  includes a DVD player.  All sources may be shared between the monitors, which come with  embedded apps such as Netflix and YouTube.  Users may download other apps from the Google Play store.  Retail price is $1099.

The products are on display at CES, Central Hall Booth #13518

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