Directed Intros Viper Connect

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Viper Connect car tracking

Directed announced during CES a new Viper Connect OBD2 module that lets you add GPS tracking to nearly any car through a simple plug-in module.

It essentially takes GPS tracking, previously available via the Viper SmartStart Pro black box, and puts it into a plug-in OBD2 module.

The device can operate on its own or it can be combined with a DS4 remote start/security system.  In the latter case, customers get remote lock and unlock, remote start, and the ability to check the status of their vehicle from virtually any distance.

“The new Viper Connect provides all of the same location features as Viper SmartStart Pro including, location, speed alert, Smartfences, lockdown alerts, etc.  Additionally, it can be paired over Bluetooth to any DS4 system enabling vehicle control (lock, unlock, remote start, etc.),” said Geoff Weathersby, Directed VP Connected Car.

“This is a great option for dealers to sell an over-the-counter, easy to install, tracking device and as an upsell to any DS4 owner without having to put the vehicle back in the bay.   Pricing will be in line with the existing SmartStart product and it will use the same annual service plans.  The choice really becomes ‘Easy Install’ or ‘Covert/Pro Install,'” he added.

Viper Connect will start shipping in Q1 of 2019.





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