Alpine Intros First Powered Subwoofer With DSP

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Alpine is showing at CES what it calls the first powered subwoofer that has built-in digital signal processing (DSP) and that can be controlled by a smartphone.

Alpine said the PWD-X5, with an embedded 4-channel DSP (Digital Sound Processor) is “the first and only product in the industry that combines a subwoofer, amplifier and DSP into one package.”  It won a CES 2019 Innovation Award.

The PWD-X5 is small enough to be mounted under a seat. The 8-inch subwoofer reproduces low-end bass in a small enclosure, and its flat diaphragm is capable of moving a lot of air in a small platform, said Alpine.  It includes a 265 watt amplifier that can deliver double the power normally achieved from the factory radio.

The subwoofer’s DSP brings the sound stage forward for improved audio quality. It works with the PWD-X5 app so a smartphone can wirelessly tune the subwoofer and stream music to it via Bluetooth.   A wired connection through a PC is also available.  It comes with a remote commander with a rotary knob that can be installed on the dashboard for basic commands like Volume, Bass Adjustment, Mute, and Source Selection.

The PWD-X5 can also be used in non-traditional ways. When the car radio cannot be replaced, such as in a classic car, music can be streamed to the PWD-X5 and played through the car’s existing speakers. If a head unit does not exist, such as on a motorcycle or a side-by-side UTV, the subwoofer can be mounted in the saddlebag and music can be streamed from a smartphone.

Shipping is expected in January at $650 suggested price.


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