Mercedes/Garmin Offer Car Smartphone Control

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Garmin watch Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz will offer a Mercedes-branded version of a Garmin fitness watch that can connect to a car app to monitor drivers’ health and stress levels.

The Mercedes version of the Garmin vivoactive 3 GPS smartwatch is part of the car maker’s ENERGIZING package option that uses infotainment and other systems to reduce driver stress.  Heart rate and stress data from the watch is sent to the app to show real time biometric data. Then the infotainment system can present customized recommendations.

For example, drivers will have the option to select from the navigation system less stressful routes.  In the future, the system might also play soothing music.  Seat massages might be available, along with fragrances in the car and suitable ambient lighting.   These options are currently being evaluated in research studies by Mercedes’ parent Daimler AG and Garmin.

The smartwatch will also offer custom Mercedes display screens and include indoor and outdoor sports apps, smart notification alerts and a contactless payment solution called Garmin Pay.

The Mercedes-Benz vivoactive 3 will be in dealerships in March.

Garmin will also show at CES an OEM infotainment system that allows Garmin wearable products to unlock car doors via Bluetooth.

It will also show an OEM DVR that integrates with a head unit.  And it will demonstrate new Augmented Reality technology.

Garmin will display at CES in the South Hall #30342 of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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