AudioControl to Ship ‘Super RTA’

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AudioControl will ship in mid-December a ‘Super RTA’ tech tool for car audio installers.

The new DM-RTA is a compact black box that includes 5 diagnostic testing devices for any kind of acoustical or electrical audio testing.

The DM-RTA combines a fully functioning oscilloscope, voltage meter, RTA, SPL meter and polarity checker in one box.  Because installers are often on-the-go and in cramped spaces when building a car audio system, the DM-RTA is small and powered by a battery that provides 3-5 hours of work time.

AudioControl claims all the above devices purchased separately would cost $1,600, but the DM-RTA will ship at $650.

The DM-RTA includes balanced XLR inputs, phono and RCA style unbalanced inputs and speaker level inputs for OEM systems.

Digital outputs include optical, COAX and USB. Chrysler and Dodge are using USB outputs so the DM-RTA can accommodate them.

The user interface has 4 screens with near instant reactivity.

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