Alpine Partners With OEM Speaker Company

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Alpine Faital
Alpine is entering into an alliance with Italian speaker maker Faital to produce OEM car audio systems.
Alpine announced this week it acquired a near 20 percent share of Faital.  While many companies are racing to offer autonomous vehicle technology and telematics equipment, Alpine said it also remains committed to audio and that the future of in-car entertainment remains strong.
It will join with Faital in investing in and creating high-end premium audio systems for car makers.
The alliance will boost Alpine’s manufacturing capacity, and aid quality and cost competitiveness, it said.
Alpine noted in a statement that in-car audio is going to continue to be an essential part of the car entertainment experience and that ‘sound’ continues to be a worthy investment for the company.
Faital claims to be the leading European loudspeaker manufacturer for the automotive industry.  The company was founded in Milan in 1958 as a family run business that made speakers for radios, audio systems and TVs.  It entered the automotive field in the 1970s.  By the 1990’s it operated Sofaital SA in France and Fabrica Iberica in Spain, all part of the Faital Group.
Alpine recently reported its earnings for the first half of the Japanese fiscal year.
Source: Alpine
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