SEMA Study Addresses Mobile Electronics

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SEMA studies car stereo

Of the nearly 8 million young people who modify their cars, a quarter improve the car’s mobile electronics, according to a new study by the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA).

The study found that 24 million young people in the US ages 16 to 24 years own cars and 8 million of those accessorize their cars, spending over $7 billion on the modifications.

About 50 percent of the young accessorizers change the wheels and tires, 33 percent change the lighting, 24 percent modify the mobile electronics and 18 percent purchase exterior accessories (see other modifications below).

SEMA Mobile electronics mods

Of those who change the mobile electronics, 10 percent change the GPS/navigation system, 9 percent modify the radio, 8 percent change the speakers/subwoofers/amplifiers, 8 percent change the handsfree smartphone integration setup, 6 percent change the dashboard camera and 6 percent change the smartphone-stereo connection.  (See chart below).

Also, 10 percent of young accessorizers modify their driver assist systems with 7 percent modifying the backup camera; 4 percent modifying the blind spot monitoring system and 4 percent, the front collision warning system.

The average young accessorizer has made 3 types of modifications to their vehicle.

The study also found a third of male accessorizers said they can handle moderate DIY improvements themselves (such as bumpers, sliders) and 17 percent said they could handle some complex improvements (like lift kits, superchargers).

Not surprisingly, 49 percent of young accessorizers get inspiration for their modifications from the Internet/social media.

Social media remains key for reaching young accessorizers.  About 73 percent of young accessorizers use YouTube and 69 percent use Facebook.  Additionally, 65 percent use Instagram; 58 percent, Snapchat; 48 percent Facebook Messenger; and 44 percent, Twitter.

Another fun fact: 58 percent of accessorizers would rather give up their phone for a week than their car for a week, the SEMA study found.

To download the report entitled 2018 SEMA Young Accessorizers Report click here

Photo: via Car Toys

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